Brown v Board: One step closer to equal opportunity and civil rights Our group arrived at the idea of the topic while looking through a list of topics. In particular, the group was interested in court cases which falls well within the theme Debate and Diplomacy. We decided that we could explore the unknown from the Brown v. Board case because the reasoning behind the start of the case is widely unpopular and mysterious. The topic evolved and changed because the discovery of the many other cases that contributed to Brown v. Board is many.
Our group conducted online research to gather information for the presentation, we also had a look at a few library books focusing on Brown v Board. Only reliable sources were used by our group and are sited appropriately. The most useful sources were sources like or chronicaling america. Our groups general understanding of the topic changed throughout the research very rapidly, we ended up finding the many unknowns of the Brown v. Board case and what led up to it.
Our group put the project together by using a code editor known as Visual Studio Code to create our website, as well as the website editor from the official National History Day website. The skills and ideas involved in creating the site were; Creative talent, we had to draw mockups of all of our pages; Content Management, our group needed to figure out how to have good content flow with the page; Proficiency in Research, it is not easy to find good, reputable sources, or reliable information.
This relates to the theme, Debate and Diplomacy because it focuses on an important debate of the legitimacy of the constitution and the states' abilities to undermine it. Nowadays, there are some similar themes with large-scale protests for the rights of African American citizens with the current debate being if systemic racism exists or not.